UMC20: December 17, 2019

Here we are: the final fresh, new UMC20 of the decade.

Of course, we’ll be back next week on Christmas Eve with the Best of December 2019. And, of course, there’s always UMC50 to play at your New Year’s Eve extravaganza. But this is the last time this year and in the 2010s that we’ll compile a playlist from scratch.

It’s beautiful, and it brings a tear to our eye. You’ll notice that this one is appropriately bookended with a healthy smattering of holiday tunes. In between that, we went heavy on the garage rock, with some pop, hip hop, soul, blues, and funk also coming into play.

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Track listing
The Beautiful Distortion – We Three Kings
Rofo Audio – Stay Till Morn
S.S. Ginnie & The Crew – Christmas in Key West
Glamper – Elf on the Shelf
Casey Jo and the Friday Night Dads – Schrodinger’s Cat
A Day Without Love ft. Brother Martin – That’s Where You Take It
Christine Renner – Tonight
Mike DeCrosta – The Great Machine
Pi3RCE – Like Kylie
Bryce Green – Pray for Me
Rivita – Someone Else’s Arms
Stephcynie – I Don’t Love You
Sira Faris – Daisy
MELD – Leaving You Out
The Black Mariah Theater – Patron Saint
Dana Gaynor Band – Creatures in the Night
Mosey Beat – Afternoon Funk (Live)
Anna Arata ft. Will Padgett – Merry Christmas from Afar
23rd Hour ft. Caley Rose – Get Me Home for the Holidays
Worldwide Groove Corporation – When the Holiday Brings You Home

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