New Year, New Music: Who Should Have Our Ears in 2020?

In keeping with the turn of the calendar from one year (and decade) to the next, we’ve decided it’s a great time to welcome some new sounds into the fold.

We had a great first full year in Nashville; one which allowed us to make hundreds of discoveries, both here and beyond. The best part is that there are countless more discoveries still to be made!

So, we want your help: as an audience full of musicians, you surely have some musician friends. Some of these friends might not yet be on our radar. With that said, we would like them to be.

So, take to the comments and tell us: who should have our ears in 2020? Ready? Go!

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  • Smooth Retsina Glow. Their Sophomore record New Frontiers got nominated for best original album in LVMA, and they also got a great video for the title track, new frontier. And they gig very actively in the valley and beyond!

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