The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Wednesday, January 8

The year was 2017. We were grinding away in Pennsylvania, with dreams of the big city still not so much as a twinkle in our eye. Even so, we’d occasionally receive updates from artists outside of our regional confines.

That was when Slumlord Radio sent us this video of themselves committing high crimes with bananas for weapons

(You want to click that link, don’t you? Go ahead; it opens in a new tab, so we’ll be here when you get back.)

Anyway, now that you’ve done that, you’ll want to hear what these Michigan natives have been up to. With that, they have a couple of new singles out, and they’re going to melt your face.

For today’s Daily Spinn, we present you with “Gonna Be a Riot,” a heavy-rocking tune that hits hard right out of the gate and refuses to let up. The grit is amplified by the gritty wails of frontman Tommy “Capt. Hollywood” Erickson, whose guitar work is masterful — especially on a blistering solo that begins right around the 1:40 mark.

Turn this one up! It’s today’s Daily Spinn!

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