The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Tuesday, January 14

Friday morning, we put out an Instagram story looking for a show to attend. Our pal .CAM suggested we head to Live Oak Nashville, where pop powerhouse DeVries was set to perform as part of Singles Night Nashville.

Certainly, we look back on that as an excellent suggestion.

DeVries’ stage presence and chemistry with her bandmates certainly made Friday night’s set an engaging affair. On top of that, she has one of the most powerful and emotive voices we’ve heard on the independent circuit.

As proof, we offer you her latest single, “Know Better.” Released on December 27, the tune’s moody future pop synths and trap beats support the narrative of a woman scorned, with DeVries’ brilliant delivery serving as a pointed indictment of her former lover.

We’re excited about this Daily Spinn. Stream it below, and you will be, too!

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