UMC20: Best of January 2020

Why do we do this to ourselves? We give ourselves so many difficult decisions in coming up with the UMC “Best Of” playlist every month.

We do it because we love figuring out puzzles, it seems. Certainly, and as always, there are more than 20 songs worthy of inclusion. Narrowing it down to just 20 proves to be a challenge, but a worthy one nonetheless.

We also factor in what you all seemed to respond to the most throughout the month. You, the people, have a hand in the creation of these end-of-month installments of UMC20, as well. It’s a team effort!

Let’s see where the effort led us, with the first monthly recap of the new decade. Stream it below!

Track listing
Climb The Sky – Wake Up With The Sun
Borrowed Sparks – Man With a Different Name
Brian Dunne ft. Caroline Spence – Walk Me Home
Not For Coltrane – Fuzziness and Breath
Ben Danaher – Still Feel Lucky
Jared Hicks – Carhartt Coat
Glamper – Lose My Cool
Slumlord Radio – Gonna Be a Riot
Daniel Simmons ft. Artist X – I SCREAM
Richard String – Pocket/Same
DaChri – Distraction
Creative Mind Frame – Dirty 30s
DeVries – Know Better
Elisabeth Beckwitt – Waves
Chey Rose – Seventeen
Brian Quirk – Lavender
Allison Mahal – Little Blue
Christopher Paul Stelling – Trouble Don’t Follow Me
Rachel Troublefield – Put Me In
Timothy Zieger – Robot Man

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