UMC20: February 4, 2020

There’s something special about the first UMC20 playlist of a new month.

Because we “Best Of” it at the end of every month, our first all-new, all-fresh playlist of each lunar cycle comes with the realization that we’ve had not one, but two weeks to compile some tasty jams. And, let us tell you, these sure are delicious.

We have a versatile offering for you this week, with everything from nerdcore hip hop, to instrumental folk, to smoldering rock and roll and more. It’s all artfully intertwined, as best as we can over the course of 20 tracks.

All told, this might be one of our most complete volumes to date. Let’s get to it!

Track listing
Creative Mind Frame ft. BW, 2 Mello – Socks and Slides
Gr3ys0n – Twins
Bower – Queen of the Weekend
Cardiac Half – Medicine
Abigail Rose – Birthday
Ria Marie – Better
Caley Rose – Show You I Love You
.CAM – Used To
Daniel Olsson – Last Goodbye
Patrick Carpenter – Friday Night Hallelujah
Chelsea Williams – Red Flag
J.Antonette – Drunk on Me
Dane & The Soup – Crown & Weed
Micah Butler – Close Enough
Paper Wings – Troubled Soul
Hawktail – Annbjørg
Second Player Score – Eye of the Needle
Hollin Kings – Dead and Gone
The Reasons – Compromise
Rofo Audio – Inked

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