LISTEN: J.Antonette Releases Edgy Ballad, ‘Drunk on Me’

Controversial girl-next-door J.Antonette closed January with her first taste of new music in 2020 — and this one has some edge on it!

The New York native hit us with “Drunk on Me,” a shot to the heart about seeing the good in a man despite his demons. The moody country waltz is perhaps J.Antonette’s most emotionally striking work to date, as she gently attempts to decipher whether she should stay in a tumultuous, yet thrilling relationship.

J.Antonette co-wrote “Drunk on Me” alongside Lyndee Underbakke and Colleen Francis. Tyler Tomlinson performed electric guitar duties on the track, which was brought to life by producer Johnny Dibb and mastered by The Hit Lab’s Alex Dobbert.

You’ll find yourself coming back for another shot of this one. Stream “Drunk on Me” below!

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