LISTEN: Anna Claire Loftis Addresses Poverty on ‘Paper or Plastic’

We know you have some extra time to check out music these days, so let’s help you check in with the latest from Anna Claire Loftis.

The Nashville-based pop singer released “Paper or Plastic” on March 27. During a recent feature with The Pop Song Professor, Loftis stated that the song was inspired by a brief glimpse of poverty she received while traveling through a less fortunate neighborhood, and the abundance that can be found in faith. That full feature can be found here.

As far as sound goes, “Paper or Plastic” is moody and atmospheric, anchored by a forward-marching piano progression and expansive synths. Meanwhile, Loftis delivers one of her strongest vocal performances yet, utilizing her soulful alto to deliver a lively, deliberate melody that matches the narrative’s depth.

It’s time to choose “Paper or Plastic.” Stream it below!

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