UMC20: April 7, 2020

There’s something wonderful about the promise of a brand new month. It presents us with a fresh start, and a chance to feel rejuvenated.

Also, if you’re us, you tend to have a lot of music to deploy in the month’s first UMC20 playlist.

In general, there are a lot of submissions to sort through from the past couple of weeks while we’ve all been holed up. So first, we thank you all for your submissions and your patience as we work on that.

With that said, you’ll find a handful of them here, alongside artists we’ve featured on the site, in Quarantine Jams, and otherwise. We know you’ll enjoy what we have for you today, and look forward to what’s to come here throughout April!

Track listing
KB & The Idyllwilde – Madman
Nicole Boggs & The Reel – Money
The Black Mariah Theater – Spare Me Your Curse
Thunder Eagle – Double Bed
Trevor Larkin – Jenny
Adam Travis & The Soul – Reckless
Peyton Rodeffer – Turtle Doves
Borrowed Sparks – Patron Saint
Empty Atlas – Short Fiction
Ben Ricketts – All Routines
Sean Cunningham – How Could Love Defeat Me
Oliver Dodge – Don’t Be Afraid
Anna Claire Loftis – Paper or Plastic
HAYL – Can’t Go Bad
Zoe Clark – More
Erin McLendon – Making It Up As We Go?
Kacee Russell – Not Feeling Any Better
Raquel de Souza – Money Ain’t Sane
Sabrina Lentini – Angels in Snakeskin
Clayton Kaiser – Better Off Without You

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