The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Thursday, April 9

Sometimes, you just have to hit ’em with something heavy.

With that, we head across the pond for today’s Daily Spinn to check in with Bong Kong, a “Bongcore” band from São João da Madeira, Portugal. The band released its debut album, It’s Just a Phase, back in November, and it has been relentlessly kicking people in the teeth ever since.

Recently, the band released a music video for album single, “What Is This,” on April 1. The song is an aggressive call to action against corrupt systems and the individuals who institute them. In the band’s words…

“‘What is This’ is a call to reflect on who we are as a society, and how soft we have been in the face of oppression and humiliation of those who govern us as a society. We are destined for something more than what the system has been trying to instill in us. Let us never doubt that. It’s time to wake the fuck up!”

-Bong Kong on ‘What Is This’

Bong Kong has also released a full instrumental version of the album, as well as a guitar play-through version of the single, so you can appreciate their musicianship and learn to play along.

One more thing: this is meant to be played loudly. Check it out as today’s Daily Spinn!

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