PREMIERE: Spencer Thomas Smith Releases Single for ‘You’

“You’ve got nothing, unless you’ve got you.”

That is the empowering message behind “You (Yellow and Blue),” the lead and only single from Spencer Thomas Smith’s forthcoming concept EP, For.

A minimalist folk ballad, “You (Yellow and Blue)” is dedicated to Smith’s sister-in-law, and is intended to be “empowering, relaxing, and free, like a drive in the mountains.” A minimalist folk ballad, “You (Yellow and Blue)” will be the first track — and only pre-released single — on the forthcoming EP, which was recorded and engineered by Austin Stanley and produced by Smith.

Smith notes that developing For, from concept to release, has been “a true exploration” that has stretched him as a songwriter and human being.

For is a concept; there are four songs, and each song has only four tracks: guitar, vocal, and two other instrumentations. Unintentionally, all the songs sit within four minutes and some change,” Smith notes. “Each song is ‘for’ someone or a group of people, The track titles are ‘You (Yellow and Blue),’ ‘Me (Twirl),’ ‘Them (Baseball Cards),’ and ‘Us (Like Smoke)’. So it reads: For You, Me, Them, and Us.

Get your first taste of For below, as we have the honor of premiering “You (Yellow and Blue).”

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