ELIAZ Gets Candid About Lost Love with New Single, “How”

Opening with a simple piano line and vocals, ELIAZ starts off her new track, “How,” on a personal note.

Many of us spend (or have spent) much of our lives trying to find the right person with whom to share our journey. It can be a beautifully vulnerable experience; two souls sharing the weight of life. It can also leave you feeling lost when you realize that weight isn’t balanced. This story begins at the end of one of these journeys.

“I spent the beginning of 2019 coming to terms with the fact that the guy I was infatuated with didn’t feel the same way.” the Nashville-based songwriter told us.

The verses capture the frustration she holds; ELIAZ wonders why she wasn’t enough, while secretly knowing she may never get an answer. The line, “How do I let you go on now?” transforms from a soft plea to a powerful, emotionally freeing mantra by the end.

This is an excellent ballad from the South African dark-pop powerhouse. Stream it below!

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