UMC20: Best of April 2020

As we predicted last week, the sheer volume of new, very good music April had in store for us made compiling this list quite an undertaking.

It doesn’t promise to get any easier in May, either, considering all of the music that has already been released, after the April UMC20 cutoff.

At any rate, we had to get this down to 20. So, we wound it down to the tracks that seemed to resonate the most with our audience on the ol’ socials, while representing the month’s three unique playlists equally, and trying to provide you with the variety you’ve come to know and love from UMC20. There were definitely selections we love that we were unable to include, but… such is the cruel reality of trying to squeeze a single month’s worth of music into a 20-song playlist.

Regardless, this month’s “Best Of” compilation was crafted with love, and we hope you’ll enjoy it!

Track listing
Sean Cunningham – How Could Love Defeat Me
Anna Claire Loftis – Paper or Plastic
Creative Mind Frame – 88 Bit Hero
Emma Ohm – Not Your Savior
Adam Travis & The Soul – Reckless
Foxtrot & the Get Down – Do It Again
Thunder Eagle – Double Bed
Trevor Larkin – Jenny
The Matinee – Trouble Is
Nicole Boggs & The Reel – Money
Taylor Hughes – Good Taste
Christie Huff – Canvas
Zoe Clark – More
Gabrielle Grace – Wayward Safety
Spencer Thomas Smith – You (Yellow and Blue)
Greg in Good Company – Is It Any Wonder? (Live Version)
Emily Gabriele – Monday
Spirits Republic – Décor
Guy Snowdon & The Citizens – Runaway
Alive Through Memories – Ruby Red

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