The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Friday, May 8

Laissez Faire: A policy or attitude of letting things take their own course, without interfering.

Through the continued uncertainty of today, Sean Cunningham‘s latest single serves to remind us of that notion with today’s Daily Spinn.

Laissez Faire” creates a cool, mellow hypnosis for the listener; one whose atmosphere seems to preach patience in the strange days that still lie ahead. A gentle piano melody is nestled within a soundscape of spacious, ambient layers, while a steadfast electronic beat pulses gently throughout, holding the track together at the base. Meanwhile, Cunningham’s calmly-delivered message encourages us to find our peace, by surrendering our need for control over that which we cannot change.

The track will be included on Cunningham’s forthcoming EP, The Whole Charade, set for release on May 29. Stream it below for a mellow start to your weekend!

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