Review: Houston & The Dirty Rats – Songs! from the Bathroom Stall?

Houston & the Dirty Rats are one of the most prolific touring punk bands on the circuit. The New Jersey natives hit the road in a big way in 2019, performing 100 shows in 100 days across the United States and Canada.

With touring paused due to COVID-19 here in 2020, the trio is now impacting the world in a different way — with a new release!

Songs! from the Bathroom Stall? is a quick, hard-hitting shot of unbridled energy. Clocking in at a total run time of five minutes and 15 seconds — yes, for the entire record — the EP honors the time-honored punk tradition of keeping things short and sweet. With that said, the band uses every one of those 315 seconds well, bringing the fire via scorching-hot guitars; relentless, driving rhythms; and frontman Houston Herman’s trademark raw vocal grit and delightfully offbeat humor.

Track listing
The Lying Game
Dumpster Diver
Public Restrooms Suck!
Last Straw

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