The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Thursday, June 18

We don’t use the term “supergroup” lightly when we talk about Songs From the Road Band. You’ll understand why, when we tell you that the North Carolina bluegrass outfit consists of:

Mark Schimick, award-winning mandolin player
Charles Humphrey III, Grammy-winning bassist and North Carolina Music Hall of Famer
Two-time National Fiddle Champion James Schlender
Vocalist and bluegrass ambassador Sam Wharton

Together, these luminaries have combined their superpowers with Jeff Austin Band banjo player Kyle Tuttle and Fireside Collective resonator guitarist Tommy Maher. The result? “Wrong Train, Right Time,” an up-tempo new tune about trusting where our journeys take us.

“The lyric, ‘Realize now, I’m not the engineer. Ain’t driving the train, just a passenger here,’ encourages the thought that there is a bigger life plan than the individual alone can conceive,” Humphrey noted. “The notion of surrendering or putting your life in the hands of the engineer is a moment of realization for the passenger.”

The single is out now, and is a must-have in the collection of bluegrass fans everywhere. And, today, it’s our Daily Spinn!

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