LISTEN: Noelle Chiodo Swears off Players with ‘That’s It, I’m Done’

If you’ve been played, it’s time to take your power back.

With that, we bring you “That’s It, I’m Done,” the breakout single from Las Vegas native Noelle Chiodo. Combining slick pop production with powerhouse vocals, the biting, refreshingly honest track “confronts the classic ‘player,’ who refuses to value women, and treats our protagonist as a pawn in his chess game of relationships.”

Since its release on May 20, “That’s It, I’m Done” seems to be resonating out in the world. Co-written with Alec Zeilon — who co-produced the track with multi-platinum engineer and producer Luke Dimond — the single has been streamed nearly 40,000 times on Spotify, as of this writing.

Give it another spin, and say goodbye to players forever!

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