The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Tuesday, July 14

We’re happy to feature any and all genres here at Underground Music Collective.

But… what if a band likes hopping between genres, leaving no stone unturned?

Even better!

With that, get to know Pamphlet, a Nashville trio of self-described “genre-hopping losers who hate 4/4.” Comprised of Tyler Bennett (guitar), Preston Warfield (drums), and Peyton Rodeffer (bass), these ambitious gentlemen borrow influences from an abundance of styles — from samba to metal, and everything in between.

If that sounds exciting to you, get a taste of what Pamphlet has to offer you with their new single, “Dank Ass Memes.” An intense, wonderfully erratic prog metal jam, “Dank Ass Memes” carries with it some alt-funk, indie rock, and ambient flavors, emphasizing the trio’s fluid musicianship, while declining to introduce any vocals whatsoever until the very end.

Color us intrigued by Pamphlet. We think you musically ambitious folks will be, too. Check out “Dank Ass Memes” below!

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