The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Thursday, July 23

Gotta say… there’s a lot of interesting stuff coming out of Milwaukee these days!

First, there was this incredible road trip album from Sleepy Gaucho. Now, make way for “The General,” the debut single from Ice Island.

The new tune intersects at the unlikely crossroads of twangy Americana and psychedelic synth pop, with a helping of new jack swing rhythm for a little added nostalgia. “The General” comes to us from former Codebreaker frontman Steven Hawley, who drew from a wide palette of influences to create something fresh and unique.

“The creative process involved taking in a lot of big, open rural environments, connecting with nature and the present moment which, previously, had been difficult for me,” Hawley said. “As a vintage furniture/antique dealer, I’ve had a lot of opportunities for road trips and meeting a variety of interesting people. Leading up to the creation of Ice Island, I’d been primarily listening to old country western and bluegrass, as well as science fiction soundtracks and a few younger electronic artists I discovered. That, combined with previous influences and experience, all helped me to re-approach my writing in a fresh, meaningful way.”

Enjoy the fruits of Hawley’s labor, and enjoy “The General” from Ice Island as today’s Daily Spinn!

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