PREMIERE: Michael Flynn’s Good-Humored New Single, ‘Easy to Love’

Michael Flynn (formerly of Slow Runner) has had his music featured on Grey’s Anatomy and Shameless, and even teamed up with 80s movie icon Molly Ringwald for a special PopMatters performance last year.

Now, Flynn adds to his already-impressive resume with the first single from his forthcoming album, Survive With Me.

“Easy to Love” is a whimsical, witty, and incredibly catchy alt-pop tune; one which calls to mind the wry humor of Ben Folds on a calypso-inspired backdrop. The tune is driven forward by an infectious bass groove, and features a saxophone part from John-Flor Sisante that is Flynn’s attempt to replicate the joy he felt listening to Phil Collins’ “Sussudio” as a child.

Lyrically, “Easy to Love” is an opportunity for Flynn to own his quirks, and the ways they play out in a relationship founded on an opposites-attract type of love.

“The song is about how complex long term relationships can end up feeling as simple as a sitcom trope: the whipsmart wife who runs everything, and the goofball man-child husband, who depends on his charm to make up for his inadequacies and screw-ups,” Flynn explains. “As an ostensibly not-dumb person, that cliche always offended me, but having now navigated the winding path of a long-term relationship, I must admit it stings — because it’s so true. In fact, I have a hard time thinking of any married friends for whom it’s not at least partially accurate.”

“If there were a sitcom called Everybody Loves Michael, this would be its theme song.”

For certain, this one is endearing and “Easy to Love.” Get your first taste of it below!

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