‘Saying Amen’: A Reminder To Love Thy Neighbor by Sam Robbins

Nashville musician Sam Robbins perfectly combines activism with songwriting with his latest single, “Saying Amen.”

Though he is a self-described “old soul,” Robbins touches on a strikingly relevant topic — one that is uplifted by his lyrical prowess in this powerful, driving, and thought-provoking ballad.

So often, the “good book” is fragmented and wielded in guard of a specific and/or personal agenda, leaving the core belief — to love everyone — forgotten. In a call for self-reflection, Sam lobbies for more empathy and kindness, asking “There are people going through hell that we can’t understand. Why don’t you care about them?” This is a heavy hitting statement, as well as a great summary of the song.

“Saying Amen” marks the third single for his upcoming album which, if at all similar, is one to watch out for. Check it out below, and remember to be kind to your fellow humans.

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