UMC20: The First of September! (Sept. 1, 2020)

If you’ve sent us your music since Friday, you’ll notice that you’ve received an auto-reply stating that the “office” is closed in observance of the holiday week. With that said, we look forward to seeing and hearing what you’ve sent us following Labor Day.

In fact, we’ve even snuck into Gmail and placed a couple of your submissions on this week’s UMC20, alongside some of the other tunes you’ll see featured throughout the next week or so around here. That means there’s plenty of content to come on our pages as the holiday approaches. So, be sure to stay tuned!

Start with the jams below, and start your month off right!

Track listing
Kate Puckett & Eliyya Lane – Attention
Kara Frazier – Native
AMI – Exclusively
Richitta – Quit Playin
Falcon – I’ll Admit It
Stay Loud – One Shot
On the Tip of Your Tongue – Cheers
Pozzi – In My Own City
Miller & The Hunks – Time and Place
Molly Martin – What You Need
Sam Roberts Band – I Like The Way You Talk About the Future
SOHEILL – Can’t Stop Thinking
Natalie Duque – Rise
The Katawicks – Sunday Morning
Izzy Heltai – Songbird
Bronte Fall – Freeway High
Jaymes Brass – The Tinder Song
AC Jones – Watch the Grass Grow
Kaitlin Petty – Stuck Loving You
Lyn Koonce – Foot Stompin’

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