UMC20: Better Late Than Never, Part 2! (Sept. 9, 2020)

Welp… I’ll hold myself personally responsible for the delay on this one. I usually put UMC20 together on Monday night, but seeing as I spent Labor Day driving 14 1/2 hours back to Nashville from New Jersey, the spirit was willing… but my eyes were not about to stay open for long enough to pull it off.

With that said, it’s here for you now. And, I’m in town for the long haul until Christmas, so we’ll get into a nice flow as fall progresses and, with any luck, we’ll find ourselves on the other side of this pandemic.

(Maybe? Possibly? Please?)

Anyway, as for this week’s playlist: we have loads of submissions to catch up on, and we’ve worked to get some of them featured here. Also, there’s a nice dose of international flavor on this week’s UMC20, and some tunes we’ll visit more in-depth over the next week or so.

See what we’ve cooked up below, and make sure you head on over and follow the playlist if you vibe.

Track listing
Talia Stewart – Broken Sinks
Dani Felt – Queen
Airports ft. R I L E Y – Party All the Time
Violet Lavelle & DaChri – Say It
Johnny Gillespie – Set Me on Fire
Falcon – Young Love
Firewoodisland – Forever Young
Alfah Femmes – No Need to Die
Bronte Fall – Bad Ideas
Marsupial Lion – Red Planet
Vanden Dool – Rust on the Train Bridge
The Brummies – After Midnight
Wild Love – Seasonal
Columbia Jones – Tourist Town
Melting Mallows – Nowhere (Live)
Natalie Schlabs – That Early Love
Holly Clausius – Yellow Dress
Lyn Koonce – Making My Way Without You
Country Fresh – Broken
Meghan VK – One of Those Nights

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