PREMIERE: Fresh Lady Delivers Inspiration on ‘Shoot for the Moon’

Courtesy photo provided by Icon Publicity.

Want to know what’s better than feeling empowered? Feeling empowered, with style and soul!

If you’re wondering what we’re talking about, get a taste of “Shoot for the Moon,” the new single from Nashville’s Fresh Lady. Retro soul influence is all over this new single, with a taste of modern electropop for good measure, as Fresh Lady delivers a message that every independent artist needs to hear.

“The song helped remind me that everyone’s on their own timeline, and I need to follow my own path. As long as I follow my heart, there’s no wrong way,” said Fresh Lady songstress Emma Morcroft. “There were times where I felt like giving up, but when I stayed the course, I found I had more answers than I thought.”

You’re going to love this one, especially when we tell you that it was crafted at Nashville’s Handmade Productions, which you’ve definitely heard about before. Be the first to hear “Shoot for the Moon” below!

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