UMC20: Fresh Jams from Sea to Shining Sea (Nov. 3, 2020)

OK, so we all know what today is, don’t we? There’s no getting around the elephant in the room?

If you didn’t know, it’s Election Day. If you are able, today’s the day to perform your civic duty, if you haven’t already. Then, no matter what happens from there, please do everything you can to find peace, love, and understanding with your fellow citizens. The country and the world needs that right now.

While you wait on that line — and hopefully, the hour-and-change length of this playlist is more than enough to get you through — we have some tunes for you to plug into. Throughout the whirlwind past couple of weeks, we’ve had a chance to enjoy music in many different mediums. We have some of that right here for you as you power through your day.

Also, because we’ve received a particularly high volume of submissions lately: we’re workin’ on through the inbox as expediently as possible. The 20 below tracks are just a fraction of what we’ve received as of late. Rest assured, we look forward to getting as many of you featured as possible, and soon!

Track listing
TIOGA – Bad Things
Vanity Fear – Higher
The Ivins – Bloom
The Tisburys – In the Moonlight (Fade #3)
YAKYN – Robot
Columbia Jones – Sweat
Wesley David – Downed Power Lines
Ali Aslam – Color of the Sun
Izzy Heltai – To Talk About Yourself
Molly Parden – These Are the Times
Ben Fuller – Town Called Grace
Michael Keys – Burnt CD
Ruby Mack – Machine Man
Bre Kennedy – Where Did Summer Go
Natasha Blaine – I Don’t Want to Break Your Heart
KiNG MALA – Homebody
Jon Pattie – Dream On
Notelle – Diet Change
Jeni Schapire – Learn the Lie
Ben Schuller – Pact Ink

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