Just Tommy Seeks True Connection on ‘Playing for Likes’

Question, for those of you who are active on social media: why do you share the things that you share? Is it a longing for connection that keeps you posting and scrolling?

Tempe, Arizona-based songwriter Just Tommy explores that question and potential answer on his single, “Playing for Likes.”

“The concept started with a question: What drives us to share the things we do on social media with our friends, family, followers, strangers, and the world,” Tommy explained.

An upbeat pop rock tune, the single recalls the days when connecting with the people you love was an in-the-moment experience, accessed in real-time, and not through the carefully-curated #filter of digital platforms. In the time of COVID — when we’re all Jonesing for some real, human interaction — this sentiment echoes perhaps more loudly than ever.

Originally, the music video was intended to feature fan-submitted, TikTok-style videos to fit with the theme of an over-digitized society. However, as time went on, the plan changed — and ironically, the new idea helped Tommy connect in real-time with the people he loves most.

“Because people are people, that (original) plan zero percent worked,” he said. “So, I went to Plan B and just shot a music video, and had some fun with my family. The kids in the video are my cousins.”

With that, we give you Just Tommy’s “Playing for Likes” video. If you like it, share it with someone you care about!

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