For the Person Who Has Everything… Except That Special Kind of Love

Living out our fantasies is always a noble pursuit… but, what good is reaching the pinnacle if there isn’t any love?

That’s the feeling you’ll get when you check out “Hey Now,” a new collaboration between Allan Fine (The Finites), indie pop artist Miriam Speyer, and hip hop artist (and UMC50 Class of 2020 member) Lord Goldie. Fine’s studio work results in an exquisite, multi-layered soundscape marked by steady-marching drums and emotive, reverb-heavy guitars. The instrumental mood matches a wistful refrain from Speyer and Lord Goldie’s reflective verses, which illustrate what it’s like to have everything… except the one special love that got away.

This one is a late-autumn vibe, and a unique and intriguing collaboration between three distinct Nashville-based talents. Catch the vibe when you stream “Hey Now” below!

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