Daily Spinn: Cat Lines Releases Christmas Song for Those Away From Home

This holiday season presents unique challenges for those living far from home. Because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many are opting to play it safe by canceling their travel plans.

Cat Lines addresses this reality on “It’ll Still Be a Merry Christmas,” her new holiday single that just released today. The Texas native, who now resides in New York’s Hudson Valley, captured the moment on a sentimental ballad which features choral harmonies her always-noteworthy fiddle work.

“I realized there was the very real possibility that, due to the risks and restrictions associated with COVID-19, I would not be able to travel home to Texas for the holidays, making this almost a full year since I’ve visited my family,” Lines explained. “As an exercise, I began writing down a list of all the things I love about the holidays, and the song sort of grew out of that — out of a desire to still make this year something special. It touches on a feeling that I think a lot of people are experiencing right now, and tries to spin it in the most positive light.”

If you find yourself far from home for the holidays, let the warm nostalgia of today’s Daily Spinn see you through. Enjoy “It’ll Still Be a Merry Christmas” below!

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