Daily Spinn: Sarah Bailey’s Anticipated Single, ‘Drops of Liquor’

Sarah Bailey is having a big December. A huge Taylor Swift fan, Bailey and her family set their Christmas light display to Swift’s holiday tune, “Christmas Tree Farm.” That resulted in Bailey receiving a direct message from her idol, who praised the display and made a donation to the Our Community Hunger Center just outside of Bailey’s hometown of Cleveland.

The encounter has also led to Bailey (and her music) receiving attention from media outlets nationwide. That includes some added buzz in the lead-up to her new single, “Drops of Liquor,” which just released today.

Bailey wrote “Drops of Liquor” alongside one of her best friends, Samantha Boggs. The song’s softer-flowing verses build in tension as they point toward a broken relationship, before the hard-hitting chorus drops in to illustrate the agony of losing someone who was both a best friend and a lover. This tension only increases as we move into the bridge, when the melody’s cadence picks up to depict the mental anguish that comes with the end of a relationship.

Get ready to feel the intensity, and take in “Drops of Liquor” as today’s Daily Spinn!

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