Daily Spinn: VINOK Gives a Voice to the Voiceless on ‘Elephant Girl’

Rollicking rhythms, impassioned vocals, and fuzzy, garage rock-inspired guitars are the salient features of “Elephant Girl,” a new single from Ukrainian alt-rockers VINOK about the “transformation and the spiritual awakening of a female person with a disability.”

The single borrows its title from the 1980 historical drama, The Elephant Man, in which the titular character who spent his life judged and mistreated for his appearance. With “Elephant Girl,” VINOK stands up for those with disabilities — both seen and unseen.

“With this song, we want to give a voice especially to persons with disabilities, and all those who feel like the outcasts of society,” said lead vocalist/keyboardist Nathalie.

The music video was directed by Yurii Bielakh, and features Nathalie front-and-center. We hear her strong, confident voice (think Florence Welch, with a little more 90s angst). Yet, her mouth does not move until the final chorus, symbolizing the plight of someone who goes through life feeling unheard. However, she breaks free of restraint in time for the last chorus, when she begins singing as a drop of blood slowly trickles from her nose.

“Once we see a drop of blood coming out of the characters’ noses, we are reminded of the reality of the pain that they are experiencing,” said Ilya, the band’s drummer. “It is as if they are so suppressed inside that their pain is literally bleeding out. Our video ends with a twist: after the blood drop streams from the persona’s nose, she finally is able to sing aloud with the lyrics — showing that she is real, and that there is hope to be heard.”

“Elephant Girl” was mixed by PDub Walton (Bjork, U2, Massive Attack, The Cure), and mastered by Jon Astley (The Who, The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton). And now, it’s here for you as today’s Daily Spinn!

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