Brooke Lynn’s New Single Encourages Us to Push Past Fear

We’ve all felt moments of fear over the course of the past year, as we’ve navigated uncertain times as a society. In times like these, we look to the fearless ones among us for inspiration and guidance.

For country singer and viral TikTok star Brooke Lynn, that source of inspiration comes in a 5’7″ package: her younger brother, who is the subject of her new single, “Little One.”

Faced with failed plans and an unpredictable future after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Minnesota native turned to her little brother’s fearlessness as a source of hope.

“Quarantining for months on end wasn’t always fun, but I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to experience my brother growing during a very pivotal time in his life,” she said. “I was reminded of the way he smiles through an entire basketball game, is always willing to help his friends and classmates, and his dedication to and genuine belief that he will make it to the NBA one day at only 5’7″. He showed me that hope can exist in fear.”

Brooke, alongside co-writers Autumn Buysse and Brandon Whitley, hopes that “Little One” can serve as a source of hope for anyone attempting to break through their own personal barriers.

“As we were writing and admiring how fearless our younger siblings are, how fearless we used to be as kids, I began asking myself, ‘At what point had I let fear start leading my own life,’” explains Lynn. “Dreaming, believing, hoping for better, and for more is not just for little ones. It is for me, for you, and for everyone. It is my greatest hope that everyone finds themselves and their own stories in this song.”

Dream big, little ones (and big ones). Get a taste of this one below!

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