LISTEN: Fallen Roads Has the Defiant Realization That There is “No Ride”

With the punch of hard-hitting Southern gospel soul, Fallen Roads breaks out from under the veil of religion to discover that “there is no ride.”

“No Ride” is a reference to waiting your whole life in line, only to get to the front and realize that you weren’t ever going to get on the ride — because it was never real. This is an undoubtedly controversial viewpoint and topic, but Luke Rhodes (of Fallen Roads) dives straight into the controversy head-on, and with rooted force on his new single.

“All this time you’ve been standing in line,
but there ain’t no ride.
It’s a real damn shame
That you came and wasted your life,
But there’s no ride.”

Excerpt from Fallen Roads – “No Ride.”

Having grown up in the Evangelical Southern Baptist church, Rhodes uses “No Ride” to express the monumental feeling of breaking free of that culture’s heavy grip.

“For people who have walked away, I’m hoping it’s triumphant, defiant,” Rhodes explains. “I feel both of these emotions when it comes to my departure from the stifling belief system that I was raised in, and I’m sure I’m not alone.” 

While the topic is heavy, the music is uplifting and anthemic, which fits in line with Rhodes’ perspective on the confliction that, while religion can have a positive influence on some, others need to escape like their lives depend on it.

“’No Ride’ serves as a safe place for recovering believers,” Rhodes said.

“No Ride” is the final version of many fragments and phrases once abandoned on Google Drive, and was masterfully co-written along Amber Kamminga. Produced by Rich Stine (The Head and The Heart, Joshua James, The Bones of J.R. Jones), this song features drums by Brian Jones, bass by Logan Davis, and backing vocals by Buttafly Vasquez. Via a self-proclaimed “odd” amalgamation of musical influences — including classical, Motown, CCR, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Rage Against the Machine, and 90’s country — Rhodes is excited, but admittedly nervous to reveal his new music.

This song truly is a beautiful and powerful hodge-podge of genres and sounds that evoke a buildup of positive feelings, regardless of you belief structure. It also serves as inspiration to open your mind.

“Sometimes, you’ve got to step back, wonder why you’re doing what you’re doing, and question everything,” Rhodes said. “What are you giving away? Does it make sense?”  

Dive into the eye-opening safe space of “No Ride” below!

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