LISTEN: Scott Kurt’s Eye-Opening New Single

Have you ever felt your whole world change the instant you met someone?

Scott Kurt has known that feeling a time or two, and he puts it forth on his new single, “Opened Up My Eyes.” A steady-rocking slice of modern country, the single helps us recall those individuals whose impact on us was immediate and immeasurable.

“I bet you can think of one or two special people who came into your life and it felt like a whole new world opened up. I hope you just thought of them and smiled,” Kurt said. “And, that’s what ‘Opened Up My Eyes’ will do every time you hear it.”

Kurt began writing the single in his home state of Virginia. Then, he made one of his frequent trips over state lines to Nashville, where he enlisted the help of producer Brent Rader (Keith Urban, Dolly Parton), who helped bring “Opened Up My Eyes” to full fruiton.

“This song has all the elements of my influences,” Kurt noted. “Twangy electric guitars, strummy acoustic guitars, honest vocals, and a message that I believe in.”

See if it resonates with you, and give a listen to “Opened Up My Eyes” below!

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