Daily Spinn: On Detox, Ava Frazier Stands Up to Her Insecurities

Despite the struggle we endure in reaching rock bottom, it’s comforting to know that the only way to go from there is up.

Ava Frazier knows the feeling, and it inspired her latest single, “Detox.”

“‘Detox’ is a game changer of a song for me. It is so vulnerable and raw. Writing it was my way of telling myself, ‘Listen, these are your thoughts. This is what you believe. But, if these thoughts are making you this unhappy, maybe it’s time for a change,'” Frazier said. “The realization that, at any moment, you can change your own life is really powerful. But, it’s daunting trying to dig your way out.”

The Las Vegas native, who now resides in Nashville, describes a creative process that took place over years, and coincided with some of the lowest points in her life.

“I wrote the first verse a few years ago when I was feeling really anxious. I came back to it last summer when I was in a really bad place,” Frazier said. “I had a string of dates where I felt more like a body than someone these guys really wanted to get to know. I found myself giving into all of these insecurities.”

From there, Frazier took the idea and shared it with her friend and fellow songwriter Shir Czopp, who helped her finish the song. From there, producer Matt Harris worked his magic in the studio to turn “Detox” into a modern pop anthem.

Frazier hopes that standing up in opposition to her fears will help listeners bounce back from their own personal lows.

“I fit almost all of my deepest anxieties into the verses on this song, so giving it to the world was scary,” Frazier noted. “But, I truly feel like a lot of these fears I have are the same fears that every one else has. I hope people listen to this and find themselves in it. I hope they realize that they don’t have to be defined by the things they fear.”

See if “Detox” moves you. It’s the Daily Spinn that will take you into your weekend, and it’s below!

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