On ‘Sketches,’ Marta Palombo Addresses Her COVID-Induced Uncertainty

Due to a global pandemic you may have heard about, the vast majority of humans on Earth have not had life go as planned over the past year.

Count Marta Palombo among them. The Italian-born, Nashville-based songwriter found herself thrust into adult life at the outset of the pandemic. Couple this with the early-20s confusion many of us face while entering “the real world,” and you have the inspiration for Palombo’s new single, “Sketches.”

“I was dealing with the shattering of a lot of expectations — not only was I not nearly as put-together and grown up as I thought I would be at 22, but I was now facing a global pandemic that had taken every important person, event, and aspect of my life and put it on hold,” Palombo said. “It put me in a very raw, open position, and it felt very much like I was a sketch. I had spent months sketching myself out, and just as I was about to paint in the detail, the life, and the color, I had to stop. At the time, I had no idea when I was going to be able to pick back up again. So, “Sketches” is a reflection on what my 22 felt like; uncertain, disillusioned, and raw.”

Gleaming synths lead us into “Sketches,” where we’re met by a stirring opening verse from Palombo. From there, her uncertainty complements the palpable tension of this ambient electropop soundscape, which is made even more dramatic by the gorgeous string arrangement embedded within. All the while, the single carries an undeniable sense of determination — a resolve, perhaps, to find calm in the chaos and start anew.

“Sketches” might just inspire you to find your way through the uncertainty. Find out for yourself below!

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