Daily Spinn: Mason Zgoda Releases an Introvert’s Anthem

“I live my life inside this room.
I send a postcard to the world
Wish you were here and write back soon.”

If those look like lyrics from an anthem written during COVID… they’re not. Their relevance is just a coincidence.

Nonetheless, those lyrics — from Mason Zgoda’s new single, “Postcard to the World” — speak to the times we’ve been living in for about the past year. Written before quarantining was cool, the single provides a sonically lighthearted take on the very real struggles we face when confronted with loneliness.

“I’ve always found it cathartic to poke fun at myself in my songs, to have a sense of humor about my circumstances,” Zgoda said. “The song sounds upbeat and fun, but at the time I was incredibly lonely and depressed. One day I spent ten straight hours laying on the couch watching old reruns of the Monkees. I turned the TV off and thought ‘I’ve got to do something productive or my brain is going to turn to mush’. Then, I wrote this song.”

A dynamic indie pop anthem, “Postcard to the World” was recorded at Yackland Studio in East Nashville with Stephen Leiweke. The single features Chris Donohugh on bass and Steve Hindalong on drums, and is the title track to Zgoda’s forthcoming EP, due out April 23 (and discussed here in greater detail).

While you wait for the full record to drop, enjoy a taste with “Postcard to the World” as today’s Daily Spinn.

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