Daily Spinn: Page 1 and C.Dupr3 Keep Fighting for Love

In love, we stick together for better or for worse. Today’s Daily Spinn reflects the latter part of that statement.

Delivering this narrative is Mr. Anthony Cubbage, who appears this time under his Page 1 pop/R&B persona. Together with producer C.Dupr3, he just delivered a new single, “PR21.”

The single features the ultra-versatile Pennsylvania native singing with impassioned soul, as he contemplates how long he can keep fighting with everything he has for the one he loves. On the production end, a masterfully-layered future pop soundscape keeps things pulsing forward, with string accents that drip with feeling, similar to those on the most underrated gem in Kanye West’s catalog.

There’s plenty to unpack and enjoy with today’s Daily Spinn. Get to it!

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