Daily Spinn: The Sewing Club Returns on ‘Trying’

As we get older, we often find that the only constant in life is change. Some of these changes feel odd and uncomfortable — especially when they cause us to question the values instilled within us.

It was that notion that led The Sewing Club frontwoman Hannah McElroy to pen “Trying,” the band’s follow-up single to their debut, “My Dad Wants You Dead.” Recorded and produced by Jared Corder of *repeat repeat, “Trying” documents McElroy’s often-uncomfortable transition to college life in America.

“The song has been about three years in the making, as I wrote it my freshman year of college,” said McElroy, who noted that “Trying” “…came from my frustration with trying to figure things out, having just moved from China to America for school. It’s hard to start departing from ideas and values that you grew up with, but it’s all part of growing up, right?!”

Growing up isn’t easy anywhere, but especially when it’s ushered in by a massive life change like the one described above. Try out “Trying” for yourself, and see if today’s Daily Spinn resonates with a transitional period in your own life!

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