Daily Spinn: Are We The Ones In Control? That’s ‘Unheard Of!’

Perhaps we’re the ones who have been in control of the narrative this entire time…

That’s the underlying theme behind “Unheard Of,” the new single from Rene Russell and The Bottom End. A sweet slice of vintage Americana, the tune is a chance for Russell — a Charleston, SC native and 30-year music industry veteran — to share a message of self-belief, courage, adaptability, and integrity.

“‘Unheard Of,’ the first single off the new record, is a song of hope,” said Russell. “It is about realizing you can take control of your life, listening to your intuition, and learning who you are by doing, failing, trying again, and never giving up.”

Written and recorded in the mountains of North Carolina during quarantine, “Unheard Of” is the first single from the introspective, genre-bending album, Dream the World Anew, set to arrive on Friday, May 21. The record features Russell on guitar and vocals, with drummer Chris Blackwell and bassist Jamie Lupini providing the rhythmic backbone.

Get your first taste of Dream the World Anew below, with today’s Daily Spinn!

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  • Thanks for the update on “unheard of” by Rene Russell and The Bottom End. It is nice to know that this is an inspirational song and tells us about not giving up. People will definitely like this song.

    Thank you very much for posting information about this song. I hope you will keep updating me about new releases in the future also.

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