UMC20: The Best of March 2021

Here we are, at the end of another five-playlist March. The first four, of course, were all unique in their own right. This fifth one — the Best Of — is difficult to construct by nature.

We wouldn’t have it any other way, of course, because that means that you’ve been sending us fire all month long. Certainly, as we narrowed things down to these 20 songs, we had to make some tricky cuts. In the end, we think (and hope) that we’ve done this month justice with the jams you’ll hear below.

So, let’s get to ’em. Dive into the UMC20 Best of March!

Track listing
Jive Talk – Sue
Pauline Andres – Medicine Woman
Doc. Henry – Sloshy
Chey Rose – polyester
Mad Welsley – Working On Me (Remix)
No4h B. – Clock Tower
Page 1 ft. C.Dupr3 – PR21
P.A.R.KER – Vicious Cycles
Dan Fuson – On + Off
Sierra Blax – INYIM
David Lennix – Midnight Love
Marta Palombo – Sketches
Cameron Floyd – How a Heart Gets Healed
Timothy Myles – Strangers
Sugar Fitz – You Should Have Seen His Apartment
Faded Rose – Don’t Say
Kaitlin Cantrell ft. James Balfour – white stars
Rameen – Plastic Heart
Charles Ellsworth – Max & Geraldine
Bang Bang Jet Away – Long For This World

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