PREMIERE: Take Some Time with Trevor Larkin and ‘Madeline’

The way we approach life has changed over the last year. “Madeline,” the new single by Trevor Larkin, is a plea for evaluation of that approach, and a reprioritization of time.

“Madeline” is an attempt at convincing a loved one to slow down; to stay and enjoy the sweet, romantic moments of togetherness, instead of being pulled away to responsibility and seemingly irrelevant pressures of expectation. The message is a reminder to remain present — especially, and particularly, in this strange time we are all currently navigating.

In a similar vein, the idea of remaining present is thematic for the song’s writing process as well.

According to Larkin, “Something I’ve been working on since lockdown is creativity as meditation; getting out of the way of the thing, working until it feels like it’s done, and then moving on to the next thing, because there’s always a next thing,” Larkin said. “And, that’s a beautiful lesson to learn — or at least understand, finally — is that the elusive superpower is just to keep going.”

That process shows up in the song’s stream-of-consciousness lyrical development, and its melancholic and airy arrangement. As a whole, the all-star team who contributed to “Madeline” lends a soothing and cohesive vibe to the track.

“Tyler Carroll and Steve Swatkins from The Jonas Brothers and Allen Stone Band played bass and keys, respectively,” Larkin acknowledged. “Jon Lampley from The Colbert Show Band added horns at the eleventh hour, and I just did the rest by myself. It worked, and I really like it.”

I know by heart all your lonely reasons why,
You’re sold this rush
When all we have is time.

Truly, time is all we have. Take a listen to “Madeline” below. 

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