PREMIERE: pondhopper Debuts with Youthful Video, “Sapling”

No matter how much time passes, life will always provide ways to help us feel young again.

We see this journey to the fountain – or in this case, puddle – of youth play out in the video for “Sapling,” the debut from Los Angeles-based indie rock trio pondhopper. The band – comprised of Erik Fashingbauer (vocals/guitar/percussion), Jory Federighi (keys), and Brian LeGoo (bass) – was known up until recently as Gestures & Sounds, opting for a fresh name as they turn to a new chapter in their history.

“After releasing a few EPs and an album and embarking on several cross-country tours, we parted ways with our drummer. At this point, it felt like we had all outgrown the project. We wanted to move in a direction that just felt more honest and true to who we are and what we like,” Fashingbauer said. “We had also grown to dislike the name Gestures & Sounds, and it was time for an overall rebrand. In general, pondhopper feels like a project that is much closer to the heart for us. (We’re) making the most of what we have available to us to create content, instead of reaching to be something we’re not.”

As for “Sapling,” the gentle, yet steadfast new single was written and recorded at the band’s Los Angeles home studio during quarantine, alongside a batch of songs set for release throughout 2021. The tune features the talents of Ben McPeek on saxophone, and speaks to the human sense of urgency that arises as years go by.

“Lyrically, the song deals with the anxiety felt as each year seems to move faster than the one before, and trying to make the most with what feels like less and less time,” noted Fashingbauer.

That leads us to the video, which shows an older man – portrayed by Fashingbauer’s father, Steve – riding a motorbike through varied terrain until he reaches a vista in the band’s native Wisconsin. At one point, the elder Fashingbauer suits up in full scuba gear to ride through a puddle of mud in the forest – and let’s just say, that moment of bliss leaves him feeling like a kid again.

Intrigued? We thought you would be. In that case, why don’t you watch “Sapling” below?

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