PREMIERE: Volk Gets Wild(?) on ‘Atlanta Dog’

For those in the know, one might see the title of VOLK’s new video, “Atlanta Dog,” and expect a song and visuals depicting a time too wild for most human consumption. The single — inspired by the jovial honky tonk tunes of Austin swamp country band Mayeux & Broussard, and the brazen honesty of Sarah Shook — borrows its title from a night of dangerous living by Waylon Jennings and drummer Richie Albright.

“Atlanta Dog is a combo drug that Waylon Jennings once took with his drummer at one point — I think it was part Peruvian heroin and cocaine,” noted VOLK drummer and vocalist Eleot Reich.

But… does that paint an accurate portrait of the time Reich spends on the road with bandmate and guitarist Chris Lowe?

Well… not exactly. Not at all, in fact.

“Our song doesn’t boast about any kind of rough-housing or substance abuse,” Reich said. “Rather, it states that, in lieu of the outlaw hard-partying mythos, touring full-time is exhausting on its own accord. From a DIY band and a female’s perspective, ‘Atlanta Dog’ is a wink at the past and a push towards the present, the reality of working as a live musician— one in which we can’t afford to indulge as people have in the past.”

And so, we have this video, born out of behind-the-scenes footage from VOLK’s true, pre-pandemic life on the road throughout the U.S. and Europe. Spliced in between some onstage footage that showcases the duo’s trademark no-holds-barred flair, we get a sense of what life is truly like in a 21st Century tour van — complete with delicious donuts, and not-so-delicious traffic jams.

One thing we can tell you is that this “Atlanta Dog” is harmless to consume. Watch the video below!

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