Maddy Hicks is Tired of Sitting in the ‘Backseat’

Have you ever felt like a passive participant in your own life?

Maddy Hicks has, and she’s ready to do something about it. She wrote “Backseat” as a way of taking control of her life and dreams — a journey we’ll have a chance to follow on the way to her next full-length album later this year.

“I wrote “Backseat” about the moment before I recommitted myself to my dreams,” Hicks said. “I realized that I was just along for the ride, coasting through social situations and not pushing myself to pursue my passions.”

“Backseat” combines the singer-songwriter sensibility of Hicks’ previous work with fresh, synthesized pop production. Hicks promises to delve more into the pop realm as the year progresses, with “Backseat” — the lead track on her forthcoming album — being the first step in that direction.

Take the first step toward taking control, and check out “Backseat” below.

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