UMC20: The Best of April 2021

We’re feeling pretty lucky. The sun is shining (in Nash, anyway). The pandemic is (maybe? possibly?) ending. And, we have another month-end UMC20 Best Of compilation to greet you this morning!

It’s been a busy month, and certainly, one that has provided plenty of tunes to keep us moving. Below, you’ll find a sampling of what this spring’s first full month had to offer. And, if it’s any indication of what lies ahead, these warm spring and summer months are about to be lit.

Take it all in while you can. After all, it’s gonna be May next week, and we’ll have a fresh batch of jams for you!

Track listing
Arkells ft. K. Flay – You Can Get It
Tiblinski – Cohen Records
The Sewing Club – Trying
Lombardy – Hurricane
Monte Mader – Muddy River
VOLK – Atlanta Dog
Cristina Vane – Badlands
Carrie Welling – Good To Me
Timothy Myles – Gold Mine
Trevor Larkin – Madeline
Carson Sheppard – Sunset Blvd.
Catalina – Control
pondhopper – Sapling
Chloe Caroline – Ready
Katie King – Goodbye
Ava Frazier – Child of the Universe
Alyssa Lazar – Maybe I Did Change
Emma Ohm – False Confidence
Tyke T – Lottery
Nate Rose – By Myself

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