UMC20: May We Tempt You with an All-New Playlist? (May 4, 2021)

Yeah, we did have to throw the May pun into the headline, because it’s May. If you didn’t see what we did there at first, now you know.

Anyway… it’s been two weeks since a an all-new UMC20. In that time, you’ve seen many of these 20 songs grace our pages in other ways. Of course, there are a few that we decided to include, just for fun and/or flow. It all meshes together well in the end.

So, have at it. 20 masterpieces, unique in their own right, are riiiiight here for you!

Track listing
Mr. 110 – Much to Say
Rambo Lee The Chief – Dank
Gee Slab ft. Cashmere Crool – Triple Beam
2’Live Bre – Butterfly
Kay Palla – i want you
Dan Fuson – Young + Improving
Rachel Bochner – 2 AM
Maddy Hicks – Backseat
Josh Jordan – goodbye song
Violet Silhouette – Any Way It Cracks
Elijah Cruise – Life Can Be Strange
The Trusted – Rebel Song
Luke Sweeney – Tie Mao to Mined
The Stonewall Vessels – Hallmaze
SLUGS – I Could Do Better
Brianna Barnes – The Mountain (Ode To Lady Fear)
Nature’s Neighbor – Otherside of Town
Meagan Hickman – Still Here
Arts Fishing Club – Hollywood
John Drake Hollier – Jeff Buckley’s Ghost

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