On ‘Sufjan Stevens,’ Notelle Explores Her Different Personas

We’ve long admired Notelle’s innovative approach to her genre-bending “nightmare pop” music. The Nashville-based artist is always one to give us something interesting and unexpected.

Even so, we’ve never heard her quite like this!

Notelle’s new single, “Sufjan Stevens,” combines the industrial influences that can be heard through her other work and ratchets them up to 11, with a soundscape made all the more dynamic by crunchy, distorted guitars and a majestic, damn-near-angelic vocal refrain.

As for the subject matter? It’s all about the duality that shows up for Notelle in social situations — for better or worse.

“I’m a Gemini, and although I don’t put too much stock in Astrology, the personality profiles of each sign do intrigue me,” she said. “Geminis are social, mercurial creatives. Drawing from their environment, morphing and shedding skins, they can be flighty and dynamic. As a Gemini, I’m a pretty grounded person, but I do have a tendency to be a bit of a social chameleon. I adjust pretty fluidly to whatever is going on around me. It’s definitely a strength, but it’s also a powerful weakness. If you can adapt that rapidly in social situations, you run the risk of manipulating yourself and the people around you, without even being aware that you’re doing it.”

Indeed, there is great “power and the confusion that goes hand in hand with being so many different versions of yourself at once.” If we aren’t careful, it’s easy to become lost behind so many different masks.

“It’s easy to lose oneself in You’re a poet with your heart on your sleeve, you’re a ruthless ruler, a social pariah, a queen, and a loyal friend,” she said. “If you’re everything and everyone at once, who even are you?”

Maybe, after listening to “Sufjan Stevens,” you’ll have a better understanding of your own personas. Check it out!

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