LISTEN: Coleman.X Seeks Closure with ‘cry’

If you want closure after a heartbreak, sometimes you have to give it to yourself.

That’s what Coleman.X did on his single, “cry,” released back in March. Described as the artist as “a shimmery track about self-realization and personal growth from a toxic relationship that came to a confusing end,” “cry” began as a simple piano ballad. Then, it was transformed over the course of 20+ mixes into an upbeat dance pop song with somber themes.

Through it all, its purpose has remained the same: to serve as the start of a new a chapter for the 19-year-old Alabama native.

“My first album was written all about my first love, showcasing the whole process of falling in and out of love,” he said. “‘cry’ was the closing of that stage for me; a message to myself saying that I’m no longer going to think about that person or write about that person. It serves as a buffer between my first and next album.”

Check out this important moment in the life of a young artist, and check out ‘cry’ below!

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