WATCH: Lora Kelley Celebrates Motherhood on ‘Mama’s Kitchen’

While the country was gearing up to celebrate Mother’s Day, Lora Kelley celebrated mothers everywhere with a brand new single and video

The Charlottesville, VA-based songwriter — whose album, Domystique, will be available everywhere on June 10 — released “Mama’s Kitchen” last Friday in honor of the important role shared by mothers everywhere.

“I wrote this song to celebrate the many ways in which women mother, tend, and nourish the people in their lives,” Kelley said. “I wrote it to honor and encourage those of us who long to feel seen in these hidden places. The work you do matters.”

The video for “Mama’s Kitchen” was released the same day, showing slices of life meant to depict “the many ways in which women mother and tend the people in their lives through food and inclusivity.”

“Over my lifetime, I have stood in many kitchens with women. My friends, mentors, and my mother’s sisters and her friends,” Kelley recalled. “Sitting in a kitchen with another woman who is preparing food with good wine and conversation is one of the greatest acts of love and mothering. Not all of these women were mothers in the strict sense, but each of them provided a level of mothering and nourishing to the people around them.”

All are welcome in this kitchen. Step inside!

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