LISTEN: Lombardy Takes a Trip to Space

On the way to an absolutely killer show alongside The Sewing Club and Forts Like Vana on Thursday, May 27, Lombardy has decided to take a detour…


The four-piece, Nashville-based rock and roll boy band has released “Spaceman,” capping a big month that included a Live from the 615 virtual performance and a Final Four appearance in this year’s Music City Mayhem tournament from Lightning 100. The new single is packed with plenty of rocket power, by way of its high-octane guitar riffs, memorable blues-influenced verses, and a glorious, unforgettable chorus melody from vocalist Michael Scott.

The most fascinating moment on “Spaceman,” however, is the bridge. That’s where we shift from high-powered rock and roll to more of a neo-psychedelic ambiance accented by an emotive guitar solo, effects-heavy vocals — the vocoder usage is a nice, futuristic touch! — and the nifty bass work of Nick Stafford sneaking through on the low end.

Soar into the stratosphere, now and on May 27 at The East Room. Soar to new heights with this “Spaceman” now!

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